Badass Loadout Challenge

Three Original Badasses Play for Free: #BadassLoadoutChallenge

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Three Original Badasses Play for Free-#BadassLoadoutChallenge

You send us you best #paintball picture, we'll re-blast it and the one with the most comments, likes, FavStars, RTs and you get the numbers, we'll call you a #Badass.

Three winners:

#Competitive - You will own face, this is just a formality. "Insert popularity contest Reigns". Here, the one with the most numbers wins.

#Cool - We pick this one because it's our contest. Deal with it.

#Funny - A fail, gag, or moment of humor paintball related - #SFW(Safe For Work). We also pick; based on side pains from laughter, humor based tears, and undeniable urges to re-post because science.

How it Works

  • Add a photo displaying said badassery, humor, or coolness.
  • Use hashtag #BadassLoadout #BadassloadoutChallenge, mention @PeaceFundGames and #PFG14.
  • Call out a rival, celebrity, or team. If you want to challenge them on the field. We want to know about it.

Official Rules:

  • HEADS UP – the pic you enter has to belong to you, and once you put it in our greedy little hands, we can use it any way we please, for as long as we want, WITH NO WHINING FROM YOU!
  • Be cool, this is for kids.
  • Last submissions due midnight on Halloween October 31, 2014
  • You have the RIGHT to be a badass of your choosing, but there can be only one true badass.