Fun For All Ages!

Bring down the entire family for a fun weekend of games, challenges, and more!

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SPLATMASTER: Awesome New Game For Kids Ages 6-12!

Splatmaster is the most popular new birthday party adventure for kids ages 6-12!  It is so fun that kids as young as six and as old as 100 can enjoy running around our special Kids Arena and other paintball fields, learning to aim at our brightly-colored targets, playing real paintball-type games against each other. The game is played with JT Splatmaster equipment.  The guns are half as powerful as traditional paintball guns (no painful shots!) and shoot paintballs that are half the size of traditional ammo (less mess!).  All of the ammo is 100% water soluble and machine washable (no stains!). Party times are available seven days a week for groups of ten or more players, and all of our parties include a personal referee and party coordinator.


PLAYLAND: Theme Park for Kids! Laser Tag, Zipline, Nerf Wars & More

Introducing Camp Pendleton Playland!  Located just beyond the paintball registration area, we've taken our ENTIRE collection of kids attractions including our NINE Jump Houses, Zip Line Ride, Coconut Tree Climb, Laser Tag, Video Game Trailer and Nerf Wars Arena and placed them all in one enclosed area!  It's basically heaven for kids.  CP Playland has a fully stocked snack shop, clean and turfed floors, plenty of shaded area for parties, and a friendly staff to accommodate any of your needs. Check out the website or call 844-679-9658 for more information.

PLAYLAND Activities

Inflatable World

Shoes Off!  Jumpies!  Inflatable Slides!

Not just one, but NINE different jumpies to choose from!  Kids will have a blast trying out all of our different boucnies, jumpies, and slides for hours.  Shoes off and let the fun begin!  We have different themed jumps including superheros, famous movie characters, princess themes and more.  A great way to get exercise in a safe and supervised environment, this is one of our most popular attractions for younger park attendees. All ages can bounce in our house until they drop! (Recommended for Toddlers & Up)

Laser Tag Galaxy

Not Your Average Game of Laser Tag!

Use our top-of-the-line Laser Tag equipment to battle it out in a custom built outdoor Laser Tag fun zone!  Laser tag is a team or individual recreational activity where players score points by tagging each other with a harmless laser beam.  After each game players can check their scores, see how many tags they got, how many times they were hit, and how many shots they took!  A great way to get off the couch and bring those video games to life, Laser Tag is an easy choice for any birthday party or celebrate occasion. (Recommended for Ages 5+)

Nerf Wars

Step in to Our Nerf Arena!

Put those Nerf Guns to good use!  A great game for kids or adults, our Nerf Arena was designed with nothing but fun in mind.  Over a dozen different games to choose from, from target practice, team battles, free-for-alls and more, all played in our custom built, 100% safe & supervised Nerf battle arena!  Players can bring their own equipment or rent some from our pro-shop.  No more darts flying around your house, head down to Camp Pendleton Playland for structured fun, extreme exercise, and a day full of non-stop Nerf action! (Recommended for All Ages)

Coconut Tree Climb

Rock Climbing for Kids!

A great new activity for Kids, the Coconut Tree Climb is a simulated rock-climbing environment that uses a pully system to “help” kids climb a series of plastic pegs on a large coconut tree!  It’s totally safe and totally easy for kids as young as 3 years old.  Kids will strap into a harness, then climb their way up to the top of a 30 foot plastic Coconut Tree, once they make it to the top they will slam a buzzer that lets everyone know they made it to the top!  Again, the Coconut Tree Climb system assists the kids as they climb their way up to the top, they will not need to actually pull their own weight up, the pully system does most of the work for them. (Recommended for All Ages)

Zipline Rides

Learn What it Feels Like to Fly!

Harness up, climb the stairs, and get ready to fly!  Our Zipline soars above Camp Pendleton Playland, bringing smiles to anyone who’s brave enough to go for a ride.  With max weight of up to 250 lbs, this Zilpline can handle kids and their parents at the same time!  Two adventurers can go on this ride simultaneously, a great activity that father/son and mother/daughter can do TOGETHER.  Get ready to strap in and take the ride of your life! (Recommended for Ages 4+)

Video Games

Private Video Game Trailer with the Hottest Games

Get in the zone!  Our private video game trailer is full of High Def TV’s, XBOX One’s, XBOX 360′s, Kinect, and a massive library of the most popular video games on the market.  3 Couches and plenty of controllers for everyone to share, our Video Game Trailer is open both for private reservations and can be added to any other attraction package.  Chill out from the sun and enjoy a video game palace fit for a (young) king!