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2014 Game Highlights

AP prepares
Adrian Paul Is there early making preparations
Adrian Paul
Peace Fund founder Adrian Paul is ready to play
The Games Host
Host Eric Zuley arrives on the carpet before the rush
Red Carpet Smiles
Angeliques Bates, Hank Baskett, Dalal Bruchmann
Easy Red Carpet Style
Luke Benward and Carrie Keagan easy styles
The Reaper
Eric Zuley talks to David "The reaper" Justin
Ryan Edge in Red
Ryan Edge arrives to battle for the Red team
This is serious
Jacqueline Toboni looks over as EricMoran gets his:"smoke" on
Cool Hand Goss
Luke Goss, sporting shades, remains cool
Kuzmina looks hot
Gives the Peace Fund the thumbs up
More celebrities arrive
Mark Ryan is ready, while Kyle Massey jokes
Scott Kemp and Stefano Langone
San Diego X Factor Paintball and Singer
BMX is off the Rockers
Nate Adams plays it cool while Reath Gray from Betty White Off Their Rockers is raring to go.
Espinosa supports
Craig Nobles, Matthew Espinosa and his brother
Robbie Jones and the Red Devils
Robbie Jones is still smiling while Rene and Casey Nezhoda are all in for the red team
Looking cool
Goss and Kyle Massey have their own ways of doing it
Adrian Paul and Carrie Keagan
Adrian Paul and Carrie Keagan explain their strategy
Why are you here?
interviews with Dalal Bruchmann and Eugenia Kuzmina
The Reaper talks
David Justin tells Eric Zuley the rules of Paintball
Zuley Keagan go at it
Eric Zuley find Carrie Keagan is ready to play
Peace Fund Games are here
Adrian Paul explains the importance of the games to the Peace Fund
Nezhoda hug a lug
Rene gives Casey a squeeze
The Smoke
Eric"The Smoke" Moran shows his hand crafted paintball mask
Robbie Jones Shades
Robbie Jones has it all figured out in the morning sun
Luke Benward close
Luke Benward is confident to win
Cos players unite
Reatha Gray, Carrie Keagan, Luke Goss, Dalal and Angelique Bates are all "Action Jackson"
We're here to play
A group photo before the games begin
Steeler sneak
The Steelers sizing up the oppportunity and what lies ahead
Dalal Reaper
David "The Reaper"Justin and Dalal show their game faces