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2014 Game Highlights

Generals Collide
The Games are on
Generals Having fun
Keagan and Paul still having fun on the carpet
Kyle Massey point
Kyle Massey tells it how it is.
Celebs orientation
Luke Benward, Hank Bassett,Eugenia Kuzmina, Nate Adams Wesley Jonathan, and Ewe Ikwuakor prepare for orientation
Opening 10,9,8
Eric Zuley, Adrian Paul and the head ref John wait to open the games and explain "The Gifts"
Teams selected
Nate Brandon hands out the line up to Carrie Keagan, Robbie Jones, Dalal, Casey Nezhoda, Jackie Long, and Angelique Bates
Celebrity line up
Luke Benward, Ewe Okwuakor,Eugenia Kuzmina and Jackie Long wait while Jackie Long, Mark Ryan get into their Peace Fund games shirts
Teams orientation
Players mingle before the initial orientation
Peace Fund Games jersey
Dalal and Luke Benward put extra padding on in their Peace fuind Games shirts
Kuzmina Stefano Orientation
Eugenia Kuzmina gets her tweets ready. Is Stefano Langone pondering tactics?
Fatigues and Paintball
Scott Kemp, Angelique Bates, Mark Ryan, Jackie Long, Eric"the Smoke Moran get in on the photo ops before the games
Whose side are you on?
Adrian Paul and Luke Goss share a moment about how The Peace Fund Games started
Fun and Games
Jackie Long has fun while Stefano Langone checks the list of "Gifts" to ask for during the competition
Capital Dogs
Wesley Long and Kyle Massey take a group pic in the morning sun
Bassett gear up
Hank Baskett gears up
What am I thinking?
Rene Nezhoda spends time to reflect
Peace Fund Games anyone
Even some of the press want in on the games
Edge Tweets
Ryan Edges and girlfriend watch their tweets gaining momentum
Casey Nezhoda
Casey Nezhoda looks over as Casey Nezhoda and Deirdre Barnes get ready