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2014 Game Highlights

The Battle Begins
The first teams are off getting into position
Mark Ryan and Scott Kemp work out tactics
Hank Basset gets ready
Hank Baskett Gets geared up.
Ready for this or not?
Adrian Paul enters the first match
Steelers Glimmer
Steelers and the Glimmer face each other next.
Steelers trio
Steelers off to a strong start as Casey Nezhoda and the Glimmer wait for the next match.
Peacekeepers are ready
Jason Pineda defends the Peacekeepers for any slips in defense
Naked from the waist up
Who said paintballs hurt? Not me.
Blight prepare
Carrie Keagan and Luke Goss watch as The Blight prepare for the next match up
Carrie and Dalal are ready
Carrie Keagan and Dalal enter the Arena as Casey Nezhoda smiles after the first win
Christmas come
Steelers and Mountaineers marker's are chronographed before the match
Glimmer teamwork
Ryan Creamer tries to flank his opponents
The Blight Teamwork
Luke Goss, and Carries Keagan ned to break through
Goss on the move
Luke Goss makes a run for the flag
Peace Keepers move
HK Army's Mark Kressin helps the "Peacekeepers" advance
Bassset stares
Hank Baskett looks over to see the score as the Blight guard the line
HK Arny Pro
Steelers defend as Keagan and Goss look for an opening
Keagan shot
Looks like Carrie Keagan took one for the team
Robbie Long, Jacqueline Toboni,and the steelers wait to be called
Glimmer 2nd match
The Glimmer are out of the gate as a bare chested player tries to outflank them
Merry Christmas
Steelers' Father Christmas waits for Dalal to show her position
Peacekeepers prepare
Eric 'The Smoke' Moran and Mark Ryan lie in wait as the steelers attack
Paul n the Morphlings in trouble
Adrian Paul asks advise about the course
Another matchup
John Sanchez and Kyle Massey's Capital Dogs take on "The Blight" Carrie Keagan and Luke Goss
Casey Nezhoda
Casey Nezhoda takes a break after the first encounter
Mountaineers attack
Luke Benward and Ewe Ikwuakor take up positions, while the Blight look on
Morphlings defend
Morphlings, "Eric "the Smoke"Moran and Mark Ryan, defend their position
No vest?
What could Adrian be talking about.