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2014 Game Highlights

Flaming Arrow Challenge
Between games Adrian Paul tests the bow.
Who is Katniss Everdeen?
Targets are set to see who is Adrian Paul tests the Flaming Arrow course
Flaming Dynasty
Even Pros want to play Robin Hood
Flaming Arrow Baskett
Hank Baskett draws on thetargets
Flaming ArrowCelebs
Reatha Gray N Rene Nezhoda loose the paint
Flaming Arrow Breathing
Instruction on the Airogun was there for everyone.
Gauntlet preparations
Frenchy Morgan gets ready to take out players before they send a Law rocket her way
Morphlings Tactics
The morphlings need to take the next game
The mountaineers including Eugenia Kuzmina, Ewe Ikwuakor, Luke Benward pose before battle
We're a go
Adrian Paul poses with he contestants
Paul strategy
Adrian Paul looks like he's talking strategy or is it he';s getting tips?
Who is that?
Toboni looks on as the Reaper is ready to reap.
AdrianPaul and Eric Moran discuss with Nate Adams the team standings
Tension high
Teams battle for the final win
The last match
The day is dark, the winners all but chosen
Firestorm ambush
As darkness falls the last battle begins
Firestorm winners
Adrian Paul and Eme Ikwuakor win their match in the two man "Firestorm" challenge
Glimmer winners
The glimmer win the day and receive top prize
The odds were almost in your favor
Adrian Paul present Carrie Keagan's The Blight with the Runners up award
End of day
End of Day 1. There are victors and there are losers. The big winners were the kids.