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2014 Game Highlights

DAY 2 Armageddon
Flags flying high for the start of day 2
Deirdre Barnes Looking hot
Deirdre Barnes Arrives on the red carpet
Yancey Arias support
Yancey Arias smiling after a win.
Laadieees and Getlemeeen
Shawn Walker introduces Carrie Keagan as one of the two generals for the Scenario game play
The Keagan/Paul orientation
Adrian Paul explains to the players how to use the gifts as Carrie Keagan looks on
Dalal ready to play
Dalal is ready to start the second day of the games
Barnes Concentrates
Deirdre Barnes listens to the opening speeches
What are the "Gifts" for today?
Frenchy Morgan and Angelique Bates decide on gifts they want to ask for from their fans
Bates Gift hotel
Angelique Bates got Air and Paint Gifts from online fans
Whose given me some goodies?
Mark Ryan checks his donations while Luke Benward listens to strategy
Keagan and Paul face off
Keagan and Paul face off before the start of day two of the Peace fund Games
Last minute prep
Adrian Paul puts blue tape on Eme Ikwuakor
War cry
Players let out their battle cry to announce the games are under way
The First Test
DAY 2 begins with storming the castle(THIS IS FOR DAY2!!!)