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2014 Game Highlights

Blue team defends
Adrian Paul and the blue team hold the left flank
Blue defends
Blue team defends their position while red team tries to flank
Blues under fire
Blues try to find a way inside
Blue team defends
Eme Ikwuakor and the Blue Team attacks the
Hold the castle perimeter
Angelique Bates helps to hold the line while the red team tries to assault the castle
Stand off
Is Angelique Bates going to win this standoff.
Blue team takes fire
Blue team players take cover as they try to re enter the match
Rene Nezhoda might be in trouble
The Reaper
The Reaper starts a run for the flag
Red team snipers wait for targets.
Red Team snipers are causing the blue team trouble
Red team captain goes down
Red team captain is out but someone is about to get payback.
Hold the flank
Rene Nezhoda gets backup to hold the flank
Red team wins the first round 4-3
Me worried? Naaah!
Adrian Paul looks worried? Blue team are one down.
Cookin towards a whoopin
Carrie Keagan is happy after winning the first match
Paul rallies for second game
Adrian paul tries to rally his team and reminds them to use the "gift"cards