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2014 Game Highlights

Teams enter round two
Teams enter for the second match
Now we're warmed up.
Red Team are ready for the second match
We've got to win this.
Determined to win the second game the blues run into the first position
Sneak attack
Red Player walks into trouble
Stop wait
One blue is out now another seems about to follow
Failed attack
Eric Moran Mark Ryan and The Reaper try to sneak forward, but the Reaper gets nailed.
Blue team charge
Mark Ryan, Eric Moran and The Reaper try to keep the red team from taking the left side
Red team defend
With the blues on the advance the reds lie in wait.
Blue team defends
Blue team players take up strategic positions on both low and high positions
Blue under fire
If they're not careful Blues could lose this one too.
Dirty Sweaty but victoriou
Blue team players are now level.