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2014 Game Highlights

The Finale is here
Adrian Paul talks to his team about the gifts they're going to use in the final battle
This one or this one?
Adrian Paul holds the gifts he might use during the final and deciding match of the Peace Fund Games
Luke Benward EricMoran
Luke Benward and Eric "the Smoke" Moran Smile after the blues win
Blue attack
The blue team immediately goes on the offensive
BLUES strike
Ewe Ikwuakor, Adrian Paul, Nate Adams, Luke Benward move forward to raise the flag.
Battle Faces?
Blue team players before the final game Eric Zuley, Luke Benward, Nate Adams, Angelique Bates, and Eric Moran
Blues learns Red team tactics
Blue players waits for their target
Ready, set
Adrian Paul ready to attack
Red team complacent
The red team mass on the right flank to discuss tactics for the match
Red surprise
Rene Nezhoda surprises blue team players and make for the flag
Huddle up.
Red Team huddle to discuss how to win the match
Adrian Paul joins the red team celebs after a well contested day
Blue team victorious
Some of the blue team celebs,Adrian Paul, Eric Moran, Luke Benward, Eric Zuley and David the Reaper Justin, smile after the victory as announced
Story Time
Players swap stories after a long two days
Paul hands out prizes
Adrian Paul hands out prizes to the celebrites donated by Valken Sports
Peace fund Games 2016
Luke Benward and Eme Ikwuakor and Mark ryan discuss how to make it for another year.
Smiles, sweat, and tiredness. Time to go home