David REAPER Justin

Known For: Professional Magfed Paintball Player


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Player Live Game

Blue team victorious
Some of the blue team celebs,Adrian Paul, Eric Moran, Luke Benward, Eric Zuley and David the Reaper Justin, smile after the victory as announced
Blue team charge
Mark Ryan, Eric Moran and The Reaper try to keep the red team from taking the left side
Failed attack
Eric Moran Mark Ryan and The Reaper try to sneak forward, but the Reaper gets nailed.
The Reaper
The Reaper starts a run for the flag
Who is that?
Toboni looks on as the Reaper is ready to reap.
Dalal Reaper
David "The Reaper"Justin and Dalal show their game faces
The Reaper talks
David Justin tells Eric Zuley the rules of Paintball
The Reaper
Eric Zuley talks to David "The reaper" Justin