Carrie Keagan

General - Red Team

Known For: No Good TV and VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan


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Player Live Game

Cookin towards a whoopin
Carrie Keagan is happy after winning the first match
Keagan and Paul face off
Keagan and Paul face off before the start of day two of the Peace fund Games
The Keagan/Paul orientation
Adrian Paul explains to the players how to use the gifts as Carrie Keagan looks on
Laadieees and Getlemeeen
Shawn Walker introduces Carrie Keagan as one of the two generals for the Scenario game play
The odds were almost in your favor
Adrian Paul present Carrie Keagan's The Blight with the Runners up award
Glimmer winners
The glimmer win the day and receive top prize
Another matchup
John Sanchez and Kyle Massey's Capital Dogs take on "The Blight" Carrie Keagan and Luke Goss
Keagan shot
Looks like Carrie Keagan took one for the team
Carrie and Dalal are ready
Carrie Keagan and Dalal enter the Arena as Casey Nezhoda smiles after the first win
Blight prepare
Carrie Keagan and Luke Goss watch as The Blight prepare for the next match up
Teams selected
Nate Brandon hands out the line up to Carrie Keagan, Robbie Jones, Dalal, Casey Nezhoda, Jackie Long, and Angelique Bates
Generals Having fun
Keagan and Paul still having fun on the carpet
Generals Collide
The Games are on
The Camo Crew
Gray, Keagan, Goss, Bruchmann and Bates having fun
The Motley Crews
Kyle Massey, Carrie Keagan, Adrian Paul, Matthew Espinosa,Jackie Long Peace
Goss and Keagan get ready
Luke Goss and Carrie Keagan team up
Girls sporting "the Look"
Scared of Carrie Keagan or Dalal? You should be.
Cos players unite
Reatha Gray, Carrie Keagan, Luke Goss, Dalal and Angelique Bates are all "Action Jackson"
Zuley Keagan go at it
Eric Zuley find Carrie Keagan is ready to play
Adrian Paul and Carrie Keagan
Adrian Paul and Carrie Keagan explain their strategy