Adrian Paul

General - Blue Team

Known For: His role as Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series.


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Player Live Game

Paul hands out prizes
Adrian Paul hands out prizes to the celebrites donated by Valken Sports
Blue team victorious
Some of the blue team celebs,Adrian Paul, Eric Moran, Luke Benward, Eric Zuley and David the Reaper Justin, smile after the victory as announced
Adrian Paul joins the red team celebs after a well contested day
Ready, set
Adrian Paul ready to attack
BLUES strike
Ewe Ikwuakor, Adrian Paul, Nate Adams, Luke Benward move forward to raise the flag.
This one or this one?
Adrian Paul holds the gifts he might use during the final and deciding match of the Peace Fund Games
The Finale is here
Adrian Paul talks to his team about the gifts they're going to use in the final battle
We've got to win this.
Determined to win the second game the blues run into the first position
Paul rallies for second game
Adrian paul tries to rally his team and reminds them to use the "gift"cards
Me worried? Naaah!
Adrian Paul looks worried? Blue team are one down.
Blue team defends
Adrian Paul and the blue team hold the left flank
Last minute prep
Adrian Paul puts blue tape on Eme Ikwuakor
Keagan and Paul face off
Keagan and Paul face off before the start of day two of the Peace fund Games
The Keagan/Paul orientation
Adrian Paul explains to the players how to use the gifts as Carrie Keagan looks on
The odds were almost in your favor
Adrian Paul present Carrie Keagan's The Blight with the Runners up award
Firestorm winners
Adrian Paul and Eme Ikwuakor win their match in the two man "Firestorm" challenge
AdrianPaul and Eric Moran discuss with Nate Adams the team standings
Paul strategy
Adrian Paul looks like he's talking strategy or is it he';s getting tips?
We're a go
Adrian Paul poses with he contestants
Morphlings Tactics
The morphlings need to take the next game
Who is Katniss Everdeen?
Targets are set to see who is Adrian Paul tests the Flaming Arrow course
No vest?
What could Adrian be talking about.
Paul n the Morphlings in trouble
Adrian Paul asks advise about the course
Ready for this or not?
Adrian Paul enters the first match
Paul shares a laugh
Adrian Paul Shares a laugh with Raymund King
Adrian Paul shares a smile with Raymund King while Mark Kressin checks his gift list
Whose side are you on?
Adrian Paul and Luke Goss share a moment about how The Peace Fund Games started
Opening 10,9,8
Eric Zuley, Adrian Paul and the head ref John wait to open the games and explain "The Gifts"
Generals Having fun
Keagan and Paul still having fun on the carpet
Generals Collide
The Games are on
Alas dear Yorrick
Adrian Paul horsing around
The Motley Crews
Kyle Massey, Carrie Keagan, Adrian Paul, Matthew Espinosa,Jackie Long Peace
Peace Fund Games are here
Adrian Paul explains the importance of the games to the Peace Fund
Adrian Paul and Carrie Keagan
Adrian Paul and Carrie Keagan explain their strategy
AP prepares
Adrian Paul Is there early making preparations