Eric Moran

Event Executive Officer

Known For: Pro Wrestler, Cos Play


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Player Live Game

Luke Benward EricMoran
Luke Benward and Eric "the Smoke" Moran Smile after the blues win
Blue team charge
Mark Ryan, Eric Moran and The Reaper try to keep the red team from taking the left side
Failed attack
Eric Moran Mark Ryan and The Reaper try to sneak forward, but the Reaper gets nailed.
AdrianPaul and Eric Moran discuss with Nate Adams the team standings
Morphlings defend
Morphlings, "Eric "the Smoke"Moran and Mark Ryan, defend their position
Peacekeepers prepare
Eric 'The Smoke' Moran and Mark Ryan lie in wait as the steelers attack
Alas dear Yorrick
Adrian Paul horsing around
The Smoke
Eric"The Smoke" Moran shows his hand crafted paintball mask
This is serious
Jacqueline Toboni looks over as EricMoran gets his:"smoke" on