Angelique Bates

Known For: All That


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Player Live Game

Battle Faces?
Blue team players before the final game Eric Zuley, Luke Benward, Nate Adams, Angelique Bates, and Eric Moran
Stand off
Is Angelique Bates going to win this standoff.
Hold the castle perimeter
Angelique Bates helps to hold the line while the red team tries to assault the castle
Bates Gift hotel
Angelique Bates got Air and Paint Gifts from online fans
Fatigues and Paintball
Scott Kemp, Angelique Bates, Mark Ryan, Jackie Long, Eric"the Smoke Moran get in on the photo ops before the games
Camo Pose
Jackie Long, Dalal, Reatha Grey, Angeliques Bates gear up
Celebs turn into Mean Divas
Dalal and Angelique Bates get Psyched
Red Carpet Smiles
Angeliques Bates, Hank Baskett, Dalal Bruchmann