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Want to support your favorite celebs and give them strategic advantages during the live game play?

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To mix things up a bit, we're offering a great deal to our sponsors. For anyone that donates over $50, they'll receive a free $50 restaurant.com gift card. Donate over $100 and receive a free $100 gift card. What a deal, right? Now choose your player below and score your card!

Step 1: Choose your sponsorship type.
There are different ways to sponsor your favorite players. Look at the table below and make your selection. You can also make a flat donation if you prefer!

Step 2: Select your player.
Choose your favorite player. After your donation is complete, you'll be listed as a sponsor on their player page (first name and optional social media links). Add as many sponsorships and players as you like!

Step 3: See how your sponsorship impacts the games.
Our PEACE Fund Games Technology is in place and ready to bring you live statistics on Saturday and Sunday game play. See in real time how your sponsorships are helping your favorite players advance in tournament play, succeed in their missions, and gain ground during Sunday's main event!


Sponsorship Description Day

Flat Donation At the bottom of the list are some flat donation options as well. Just choose your increment and update the quantity you wish. Your player can use these funds to choose the advantage they feel is most beneficial at the time.  

Asset Player can start the round in a strategic position on the field. They must face away from opponent team until the horn sounds and play begins. SAT
Tribute Delay Delayed entrance for an opposing player. SAT
District Protection Both an Asset for the player, and a Tribute Delay for an opponent player. SAT
Parachute Aid Upon taking a fatal hit, the player does not need to leave the field of play, but can continue until hit again. SAT
Replacements The purchase of an extra player for a team, or a substitution in case of injury or elimination. SAT
The Cure Upon fatal hit, player need not return to dead pile and wait 15 mins for resurrection. SUN
Air-a-Gift = Paint Supply drop of additional paint to active player on the field. SUN
Air-a-Gift = Co2 Supply drop of additional air to active player on the field. SUN
Tribute Advance Player may advance with immunity to a position on the field of play. SUN
Mentors Advance Celebrity team of up to 5 players may advance with immunity a position on the field of play. SUN
Snare Have an opposing player automatically captured for a 15-minute penalty. Only one SNARE per player, per hour. Player will have picture taken in the box to be put out on social media. SUN
Squad 451 Teams of 5 or 10 players will be used by either General to help them in going on missions to even out the game play for the day. SUN
Mentor Squad 451 A celebrity will head a team of 5-10 players to go on a mission. All proceeds from online donators of a successful mision go to that celebrity's charity. SUN
Trident Blackout The ultimate strategic advantage. For a 15-minute window, the opposing team cannot use any strategic advantages.. SUN


Sponsorship Selection

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