Value of our Sponsors

The 2014 PEACE Fund Games provides some incredible opportunities for partner sponsors. With varying budget options, the goal is to allow businesses of all sizes to get involved, help the cause, and gain some great visibility for their brand. With a world-record participation target, active involvement of celebrities, online interraction during the event, publishing of programs and DVDs, and media coverage from outlets all over the world, the exposure is vast to help maximize each sponsor's ROI.

Sponsor Benefits

We've put together some great packages for our sponsors that will expose their brand and messaging to as many recipients as possible (both attendees and those not in attendance).

This two-day event will provide attendees with premium tradeshow and food vendors, on-site camping, and gaming activities for paintball enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. With up to 50 celebrities and the worldrecord at stake, this event will bring with it visibility fromvarious media outlets across the globe, providing a great ROI opportunity for our partner sponsors.

ROI Considerations

  • Up to 50 celebrities involved with millions of followers
  • World record-breaking attempt
  • Up to 8K participants + online
  • Helping children
  • Tax deductable
  • Brand visibility
  • Vendor booth

To get more information regarding the ROI opportunities and inclusions of each tier, please reach out to our event team at

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Silver Sponsor


    Choice of placement for 10 x 10 vendor booth, Name/logo placement: program (back+ 1/2-page ad), website, DVD cover (back)

  • Platinum Sponsor


    Sole sponsor of Red or Blue team, Choice of placement for largest vendor location, Logo on upper arm of all jerseys, Program cover, Celeb shout outs, PEACE Fund Radio features for 1 month, and much more!

  • Title Sponsor


    Name associated with event, Logo on flags lining passage way to the games, Sole vendor in reg area: "YourName Village", Program cover + center, Celeb shout outs, Name/logo on back of jerseys + red-carpet backdrop,| PEACE Fund Radio features for 6 mos, and much more!

  • Gold Sponsor


    Choice of placement for 10 x 20 vendor booth, Name/logo placement: program (back+ 1-page ad), website, DVD cover (back)

  • Bronze Sponsor


    Choice of placement for 5 x 10 vendor booth, Name/logo placement: program (back+ 1/4-page ad), website, DVD cover (back)