Vendor Opportunities

Are you in the paintball industry and want to show your products and services to your target market?

Do you offer a product that would benefit from thousands of eyes?

Are you a food or beverage company looking for a fantastic revenue opportunity?

Time is running out. REACH OUT TODAY to book your spot.

The 2014 PEACE Fund Games provides some incredible opportunities for vendors. With varying budget options, the goal is to allow businesses of all sizes to get involved, help the cause, and gain some great visibility for their product - and move that product as well!. With the active involvement of celebrities, online interraction of those not present during the event, publishing of programs and DVDs, and media coverage from outlets all over the world, the exposure is vast to help maximize each vendor's ROI.

Vendor Benefits

We've put together a great area within the event for vendors of high caliber to succeed - The Factory. The placement of the vendor location is ideal with access and foot-traffic expectations to expose their brand, messaging, and products to as many recipients as possible.

To get more information regarding the vendor opportunities, please contact us right away while there are still some spots left.